Friday, March 5, 2010

The Hoser Hut

What's a Canadian in the Big Apple to do during the Olympic Hockey tournament?

Find the Hoser Hut of course! Well, unfortunately the Hoser Hut does not really exist. If you have no idea what I am talking about that means you probably don't watch the CBS show "How I Met Your Mother." In an episode of the show, Robin (the show's Canadian character) finds a home away from home at the Hoser Hut. The fictitious "Canadian Bar" in New York City is a bit of a satire on the many bars around the city that have become a home away from home for the many college teams from far away places across the US. A recent article in New York Magazine listed bars in New York that have been adopted by various College and University sports fans from around the country. This followed a similar article in the same magazine in 2007. With the size of the city, it seems that no matter where you're from, there is a bar catering to your sport or your team(s).

So, as the Olympics approached I was commiserating with my fellow Canadian ex-pats to see if we could find the fictitious "Hoser Hut" in order to properly watch Team Canada's run to the hockey gold.

It turned out that the Canadian Association of New York had teamed up with an Australian themed bar to present each Olympic Hockey game featuring Team Canada, with full sound, with Molson Canadian and Labatt Blue on special! He Shoots he SCORES!!!

So, I have to admit there is nothing like watching the Canadian team score 4 goals in the first period against Russia along with 300 screaming and yelling fellow Canadians. I was able to catch the Slovakia semi-final game as well. Sadly, I had to work on Sunday and was forced to watch the game on the computer. Very pleased with the result of course.

A friend did get to catch the game and here is a little video of the scene at Van Diemen's/the Hoser Hut.


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